Live in Buttrio

Tutti i colori del folk al Folk Club Buttrio

(1996) Ribium CDE 09

1) Lino Straulino Fasin un cjant a la cjargnele (trad.) (3.05)
2) Braul Mesedot (trad.) (4.00)
3) Eliseo Jussa Polca (trad.) (2.15)
4) La Cantera Y nada mas (Rodriguez) (3.43)
5) Darbar Mantra Malkauns (Darbar Mantra) (7.38)
6) Aldo Giavitto Viodiu riv (Giavitto) (4.29)
7) Lia Bront & Bruno Vidoni Nympha Dal (trad.) (1.36)
8) Carantan Ziguzaine (trad.) (4.39)
9) Zigozaina Sherele (trad.) (3.10)
10) Moia Branle de Bourgogne (trad.)/ Schiarazula Marazula (Mainerio) (3.35)
11) Bortolussi & Dini Salt, Sun & Time (Cockburn) (3.16)
12) Fûrclap A non’d’é mai stade ploe (trad) (4.15)
13) Ozona Snuff How great is love (trad. Tunisia arr. Ozona Snuff) (6.04)
14) Zuf De Zur Dispari e Pari (Sparagna) (4.31)
15) Nosisà Ballo Francese (Mainerio) (3.17)
16) Arbe Garbe Caramba (trad.) (3.15)
17) La Sedon Salvadie Contrast (trad.) (4.32)

live in buttrio

This CD is dedicated to the memory of Fabrizio Durì, first president of the Folk Club Buttrio, died before his time on May 3rd 1996.
When, six years ago, we decided to found the Folk Club Buttrio we would have never imagined that in such a short time it would not only become an indispensable meeting place for folk fans from all over the Region, but also one of the Italian small concert venues most liked by international musicians (so they said themselves) for the atmosphere and the informed involvement of the audience.
Even more surpriseingly we discovered that in our Region there are so many talents not only playing quality folk music, but also writing and singing music which –when not traditional- is anyway deeply rooted in a popular culture, be it Friulian, European or what ever.
And so, side by side with long established local folk bands, in this CD there are other more recent (but ready) bands who have showed themselves in the two annual series of concerts “My band plays folk music”, promoted within the Buttrio Folk Club’s activity and open also to non-Friulian folk such as klezmer, Indian or Central-American music.
It is a message of universality, of hope, of welcome we can testify today thanks to the availability of so many regional musicians, to the support of Udine Province and Buttrio Town Council and, above all, to the Durì family who, with enthusiasm, opened the doors of their restaurant to us, making it the seat of our Folk Club.
(Folk Club Buttrio, 1996)

Il Fiore e l'Ortica

Tutte le facce della canzone d'autore al Folk Club Buttrio

(1999) Nota CD 3.00

1) Andrea Dell'Orbo Preiera par Tualias (Dell'Orbo) (2.06)
2) Renzo Stefanutti La muart e l'agnul (Stefanutti) (4.08)
3) Andrea Patat Conchita (Patat) (3.51)
4) Franco Ghietti Dietro le città (Ghietti) (4.28)
5) Ennio Zampa Il cjan di nissun (Zampa) (2.48)
6) Attilio Gabai Voglio di più (Gabai) (3.43)
7) Lino Straulino Tanç soldâts son lâts (Straulino) (3.52)
8) Rocco Burtone In grava (Burtone-Olivo) (4.39)
9) Francesco Ursino L'attesa (Ursino) (3.40)
10) Luigi Maieron Fabio da Eme (Maieron) (3.57)
11) Paolo Paolin Cabaretska (Privitera/Viezzoli-Privitera) (4.08)
12) Walter Criscuoli Amor di ferrovia (Criscuoli) (2.52)
13) Sdrindule (Ermes Di Lenardo) Madame (Di Lenardo) (2.27)
14) Walter Iuretig Mi piaccion le donne degli altri (Iuretig) (4.08)
15) Tomaso Romani Tra il dire e il fare (Romani) (5.29)
16) Thomas Kitzmuller Velika Susa (Kitzmuller) (3.18)
17) Loris Vescovo Sigûr (Vescovo) (4.10)
18) Aldo Giavitto Liende di Weiriand (Giavitto) (5.06)
19) Gianfranco Lugano Un fîl (Lugano) (3.00)

live in buttrio

A bet, a new one.

Once a bet is won, why not try a new one? The series of concerts “My band plays folk music”, which took place between 1994 and 1995 and became a recording project in 1996, had made people know and appreciate and – why not – had launched so many bands playing folk music from all over the world in our Region. Also thanks to them our Folk Club had made itself noticed by the national specialized press, which quoted our project in extremely flattering terms. Why not try again, then, by adjusting our aim towards the so-called ‘singer-songwriters’ from our Region? As in old popular ballads, these twentieth-century’s minstrels sing of everyday’s life and problems with the absolutely biased eye of a man living these problems and realizing he can’t solve them by just a song. So “The flower and the nettle” was born, a review of regional singer-songwriters who accompained us at regular intervals through 1997 and 1998. Now, in 1999, also this experience is caught on a CD.
It was not a blind start, though. There were friends and members who had asserted themselves in important competitions more than once by winning (just for example) the “Pavanello-Cantautori triveneti” prize in Trento or the more famous one in Recanati dedicated to national “New Tendencies of the singer-songwriter”. There already existed singer-songwiters in the Friulian language who had (and still have) their own faithful and passionate audience; and there were other friends like Rocco Burtone and Francesco Ursino, both singer-songwriters who had a project like this in mind. It was just a matter, then, of putting all these potentials together and so the project started. More than thirty of them offered their art to the Buttrio audience and more than half of them are present on this CD: We wish our adventure may go on, with increased opportunities for all the new ones, who are more numerous than it can be imagined.
Apart from the initial space given to Andrea Dell’Orbo, a Roman singing in Friulian, the author of “Preiera” (well known here in Friuli) and a surprise guest at one of the “Flower” nights, there is not a precise order in the listing of both songs and artists, not even an alphabetical one; as we didn’t want to separate the ones singing in Friulian from those using Italian, the committed from the carefree , the well-known first and then all the others. They represent true life, which has no compartments: laughter and tears live side by side, so do war and love, hope and bitterness, meditation and grimaces, the flower and the nettle. And we have not even quoted the names of the musicians accompaining them at the Club: the spotlight was on for the authors and we gave them the whole space, saying a sincere thank you to those who greatly contributed to enhance texts and melodies newly born or left in a drawer for years.
Let us express immodest satisfaction for the result, in the conviction that we have contributed to draw the attention of the audience to this side of music in Friuli and in the Region. What is produced here is not less important than what is made in Genoa, Bologna or Naples. If the juries of various national contests have recognized our artists’ numerous merits, they have certainly done so for the quality of their poetical inspiration, if for nothing else. It’s the task of promotors like us to trust ourselves more; it’s the task of the audience to make sure that the artists don’t lack their support; it’s the task of institutions (starting from local municipalities) to support (even at the risk of making mistakes) the emerging of so many poetical, musical and artistic voices. For this the Folk Club Buttrio thanks the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, the Province of Udine and Buttrio Town Council, who believed in this idea and sponsored it.
Last but not least, thank you to the large, faithful and informed audience at the Folk Club and to the Durì family, who in 1990 opened up their restaurant for us, a place we’re envied for everywhere.

Italian Fingerstyle Guitar

Popular Songs and Traditional Dances
by Franco Morone

(2004) AGC 004
made with the collaboration of Folk Club Buttrio and sponsored by Friuli – Venezia Giulia Region, Presidence of Regional Council

1) Saltarella (F. Morone) (3.18)
2) Non Potho Reposare (S. Sini-G.Rachel) (4.15)
3) Tarantella (F. Morone) (2.30)
4) Nebbi a la Valle (Trad.) (1.57)
5) Giovanottina/Tarantella Napoletana (Trad.) (2.04)
6) Stelutis Alpinis (A. Zardini) (3.13)
7) Donna Lombarda/Le Donne Belle (Trad.) (3.16)
8) Vola Vola (A. Albanese) (3.19)
9) Bella Ciao (Trad.) (2.29)
10) Amor Dammi Quel Fazzolettino (Trad.) (3.34)
11) Adeste Fideles (Trad.) (2.09)
12) Comm'é Bellu (Trad.) (245)
13) Mamma Mia Dammi Cento Lire (Trad.) (3.30)
14) Serenata (F.lli Ciervo) (3.21)
15) Calderai/Bigordino-Giga (Trad.) (4.12)
16) Caro Mio Ben (G. Giordani) (2.50)

All tunes arranged for guitar by Franco Morone.

live in buttrio

Italian Fingerstyle Guitar is the only collection of Italian traditional music for solo acoustic guitar. The present research has the merit of gathering under the same sonority tunes of different origin while enhancing common traits and specific differences. The metal-strung guitar has a peculiar bent for traditional music and this album proves it through absolute beauty and real depth.

Though to melodies modern and sometimes contradictory elements are added, I hope this collection will contribute to respecting and rediscovering a musical character often forgotten because of the unending invasion of life models and of profit-oriented products so far from both culture and feelings.
(Franco Morone)

Dreams may come true. After listening to Franco Morone on several visits to Folk Club Buttrio, I had had a clear sensation that it was him the artist who could give body to an idea revolving in our minds about a cd spanning Italian regions and reproducing - in part, at least – their musical souls.
(Marco Miconi)

Franco Morone

One of the great names of the international guitar scene, Franco Morone is considered as the Italian poet of acoustic guitar. What surprises in his works is the beauty of both original tunes and popular themes, which revive a second youth through his fingers. For his research work in the teaching field, today Franco Morone is a point of reference for many guitarists and amateurs attending his workshops in Italy and abroad.