Folk Club Buttrio

Faber Days


(January - February) - since 2002

4-5 international concerts dedicated to Fabrizio De André (Faber), Giorgio Gaber and to Italian and international songwriting. Each concert takes place in a different town/village.

St. Patrick's Festival

st. patrick's festival

(March) - since 2000

3-4 Celtic music concerts. Groups or soloists from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Galicia, Asturias, the USA and Italy.
Each concert takes place in a different town/village.

Quanta Musica

quanta musica!

(May - June) - since 2000

4-6 international concerts yearly focused on the farthest music (countries, instruments, musical kinds)
Each concert takes place in a different town/village.

Quanta Musica

Concert in abbey

(June) - since 1996

Our concert season always closes with an international concert in the cloister of Rosazzo Abbey, near Udine.



(June - July) - since 2016

Cooperation between the two most important realities in World-Music promotion in North East Italy

celtic summer

Celtic Summer Night

(June - July) - since 2014

Celtic Music for a Summer concert in the South of the Friuli region, close to the Adriatic Sea beaches

Madame Guitar

Madame Guitar

(September) - since 2006

An international acoustic guitar festival held in Tricesimo (Udine, North East Italy) on the fourth weekend in September; it features more than 20 international soloists or bands.
Theatre, square, and restaurant concerts; workshops; lutery, photography and rare-records exhibitions; meetings with students in schools and more about the guitar.

scottish folk

Scottish folk night

(ottobre) - since 2008

A concert dedicated to young 'stars' from Scotland

Natale in musica

Natale in musica

(December - January) - since 1997

About 10 international concerts about Christmas traditions from all over the world.
Concerts all over the region.

Gospel Canto Divino

Gospel Canto Divino

(December - January 1st)
since 1999

GAbout 10 Gospel and Spiritual concerts. 90% of artists coming from the USA.
Each concert takes place in a different town/village. The final concert takes place on New Year’s Day in Tricesimo (UD) cathedral.

All the year in San mauro

All The Year Round In San Mauro

(all the year) - since 2009

Concerts “whenever and whoever welcome” at “Piccola trattoria San Mauro” (at Meni’s) in Premariacco, near Udine. Concerts are often on Sunday afternoons and sometimes matched with ‘special’ food.

And more

...and more!

(all the year) - ever since!

Unforeseen concerts due to unexpected artistic availabilities or very welcome requests of cooperation from all over the region.